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    Rooms face the beach

    SASA L'A MOUR is born on an ancient rock, “Sailing Stone”, and is a newly built dream house with sea views.

    Garden room type

    The villa is settled in the quiet lane, and each of the five European-style villages with wooden door has its own vestibule and backyard.

    The beach is directly across from the homestay.

    No matter it's a romantic two-person world or a family travel, you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the garden full of green flowers or you can stay meditation or play around the blue sky and ocean, leaving a happy footprint.

  • A

    Fixed Price:6500
    Summer Saturday: 5000
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:4300
    Off-season weekday:3800

  • C

    Fixed Price:5800
    Summer Saturday: 4600
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:3800
    Off-season weekday:2900

  • Elegant Mountain view room

    Fixed Price:5800
    Summer Saturday: 3800
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:3200
    Off-season weekday:2400

  • Cozy 6-person suite

    Fixed Price:8800
    Summer Saturday: 7800
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:6500
    Off-season weekday:5500

  • VIP ocean view double room

    Fixed Price:7600
    Summer Saturday: 5500
    Off-season Saturday、Summer weekday:4800
    Off-season weekday:4300

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